Ways to contribute to the Peace Angels Project.

1: Direct donation via Paypal

USA Weapons Destruction Campaign
Special Funding Drive

The Peace Angels Project is launching a Special Funding Drive to raise money for the Peace Angels Project USA Weapons Destruction Campaign and the Labyrinth.

Through the power of the media and under the auspices of law enforcement, the USA Weapons Destruction Campaign calls upon American citizens to participate in the collection of weapons which will be used in the building of two, sixty-four-foot tall Peace Angel Monuments. The first two of these monuments will be located on high-visibility public sites in Los Angeles and New York City.

While the designs of the two monuments differ from one another, each will be made from a proprietary mix of melted weapons metals. Surrounding both of the six-story tall monuments will be a Labyrinth that measures one hundred feet square and is paved with weapons bricks that are cast from weapons of mass destruction.

At the artist’s discretion, the Special Funding Drive will give donors a high-visibility stake in the creation of the Peace Angel monuments. For a contribution of $100,000, donors will finance the creation of an identical pair of weapons bricks, each measuring approximately 8” x 4” x 3”. One will be sent to the donor and the other will be held by the Peace Angels Project until the time comes to place it in its specially designated area at the central, outer edge of one of the Labyrinths. As space allows, donors may choose whether their weapons brick will be placed on the Los Angeles Labyrinth or the New York City Labyrinth.

The weapons brick that the donor personally receives will be engraved with the donor’s name on the top. The sides will carry the name of the Peace Angels Project, bear the stamp of Lin Evola as the Artist Founder of the Project and be inscribed as a numbered Limited Edition of 12.