Dyeing the hair at home will give good results in the finish of the makeup. Dyeing the hair at home involves lots of patience to finish the process.

The multi-color usage is trending in hair dyeing. This multi-color usage will increase the contrast on the hair strands.

The two-tone dye will have different hues on the hair. The colors are combined to have customized have a professional and trendy look. The following methods are used in efficient two tones dyeing.Way To Dye The Two Tones Hair At Home2

Dyeing the two-layered hair

The two-tone hair color should be applied with some differentiation in the color. The stacked bob haircut is very suitable for this process, here you can learn more about applying dye to bob haircut.

The hair is divided into layers before doing this hair makeover. The front layers are given intense hair cut to decrease the volume of hair.

The colors which completely contrast from each other are the best choice. The vibrant colors are used for makeover for a social gathering.

The mild colors are used for professional looks in the office. We can use a dark color on the top and lighter in the bottom, as well as vice versa.

Combine blonde with brown

The combination of blonde and brown colors will give a chocolaty look to the hair. These colors can be applied bluntly without any texture.

The one color can be applied horizontally and others are applied vertically using the special type of brush.

The other way around applying colors is also possible. This is the best method to dye your short hair with two tones at home with the trendy finish.

Accommodating two colors in a streak

The hair streaks are divided into top and bottom layer for this process. The color mix of copper and burgundy is the best choice.

The top layer is shaded with one color and bottom layer with the other color. This method is suitable to make two tone hair at home with a professional look.

Dyeing the undercut hair

Many women are chosen to have an undercut. The undercut is done on the longer ends of the hair to even the shorter length of the hair.

The dark color is added to the undercut portion and lighter is on the other end. The two tone bob haircut gives the vibrant look to the hair.

Final words

Techniques of this two-tone hair color should be known by the women. The women should be able to choose contrast shades.

Creativity is very important to do the two-tone hair dyeing process. The colors should be selected based on the occasion.