Peace Angels Project Awards

The inaugural Peace Angels Project Award will be given to contemporary Humanitarian Philanthropists and Humanitarian Activists in 2018. Founded in 1992 by American contemporary artist, Lin Evola, the Peace Angels Project is a conceptual art project that serves as a reminder of the worldwide epidemic of violence and our responsibility as humans to create a better world, by using the melted down stainless core of decommissioned missiles to create powerful images of peace and unity.

One who has shown extreme dedication to building a more peaceful world by embracing the expectation and moral fortitude to decisively work towards change is one that deserves to win the Peace Angels Project Award and be honored by the Peace Angels Project as a ‘Peace Angel.’

How are the Peace Angels Project Award winners chosen?

The Peace Angels Project nominations will be considered by the end of this year. All nominations are read by the Peace Angels Project Award team. There will be ten recipients of the inaugural Peace Angels Project Award.

Criteria to be considered a ‘Peace Angel’ are as follows:

Showing contemporary courage in being an example for future generations in race relations, sexual equality, economic development, education, science, communications, medical or technical advances, and or peace building.

Please submit your nomination below for who you believe deserves to be a ‘Peace Angel’ and be honored by the ‘Peace Angels Project’!

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Contemporary courage in being an example for future generations in:

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