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NEW YORK – November 2, 2018 – The 13-foot Renaissance Peace Angel Sculpture, part of the permanent collection of the National September 11 Memorial & Museum, is now on display in the Museum.

The 13-foot Renaissance Peace Angel Sculpture on display Artist Lin Evola
At the National September 11 Memorial & Museum

Following the sculpture’s initial posting on Canal Street in lower Manhattan outside Nino’s Restaurant in the immediate days and months after 9/11, the Peace Angel was removed to safe storage and subsequently donated to the permanent collection of the National September 11 Memorial Museum in 2013. The work is the creation of artist Lin Evola and is created from bronze; the Plaque is made from confiscated weapons metal donated by various law enforcement agencies and the cement base was signed post 9/11 by a combination of first responders, recovery workers and Ground Zero volunteers who frequented Nino’s relief center, and were inspired by the Angel’s message of non-violence.
“I am thrilled to see the Renaissance Peace Angel Sculpture on the Museum’s Tribute Walk in a place where the public can see that armaments that were once meant to destroy life have been transformed into a symbol of peace and understanding,” said Lin Evola.

The sculpture is the beacon for the Peace Angels Project USA Weapons Destruction Campaign whose goal is to remove millions of weapons from the streets of the United States. The weapons include decommissioned nuclear missiles stainless steel, handguns, rifles and automatic weapons collected in criminal investigations probation seizures and guns turned in to law enforcement by citizens at various collection events.

“Armaments once meant to destroy lives will be transformed into Peace Angel sculptures of various sizes including Peace Angel monuments that will rise more than six stories, in the same series as the sculpture that we see today on the Tribute Walk,” said Lin Evola.

The Peace Angels Project USA Weapons Destruction campaign was recently launched with a donation of metal from the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department which announced the destruction of over 3,500 weapons confiscated in Los Angeles County.

This past summer Lin Evola accepted the donation of two tons of weapons metal mix to be used in creating future Peace Angel sculptures.

Very generously the Gerdau Steel Mill, Sims Metal Management and SA Recycling have donated its furnaces, equipment and employees to convert weapons metal into shards or steel rebar to be used in future Peace Angels.

The rebar that Gerdau Steel produces began with Sheriff Block, LASD 25 years ago which has been used in highways, bridges and other structures ever since.

“We are all accountable to each other in this world, for it is within the power of each of us to rise up and declare that we will no longer tolerate the destruction of our families and of our nations. It is the very unity of this voice and the diligence of our actions that will give us the courage to be strong and to forever hold ourselves and one another as sacred. Let each Peace Angel stand as a constant reminder of our unshaken resolve to change the course of human history,” said Lin Evola.

“My wish is that the Renaissance Peace Angel here at the Museum will be a reminder to all who visit that weapons that destroy lives must be destroyed themselves and turned into symbols of peace,” added Ms. Evola.

About the Peace Angels Project
In 1992, Lin Evola founded the Peace Angels Project to address the epidemic of violence by reminding us of the responsibilities we all share to create a better world. As an American contemporary Artist, Evola created the Peace Angels Project as a conceptual work of art to engage thought that is meant to stir us – to awaken us to rise up and build a life affirming legacy of Peace in our time. The concept that develops into Peace Angel monuments forwards a legacy of peace to our children and future generations.
Lin Evola
Artist Founder
Lin Evola
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