Styling and coloring your hair into different colors is the common practice that is preached by zillions. Coloring your hair into vibrant colors became a trend, but that has come to an end in these days as people are again going for the natural black hair.

If you went for the hair color and now you are fed of it and wanting to strip it off, then what to do? Bleaching is the primary method to strike your mind; however, going for bleaching after color can become a bit harsh on your hair.

So here are optimal ways that I followed to lighten my hair at home without bleach without much hassle.


Lightening hair at home

For lightening your hair at home without making the use of bleach is a bit difficult task. For performing such task, all you need to do is to have dish soap, purple shampoo and some sulphate free mixture for removing the hair color and getting back to natural ones.

By preparing this mixture, you can easily get blonde hair without bleach at home without paying for larger bucks at the salon.

Another aspect must be considered that if you aren’t into colors and bleaching, then you should consider the assistance of colorists and salon experts for better results.

lightening hairRecapitulate

Let us recapitulate details stated above to get hair lighter without bleach at home without paying larger bucks in the salon.

All you need to do is to go for the ways stated above for getting rid of hair color and getting your natural hair color back.

It is a decent choice for you not to go for bleaching as it can lead to several side effects such as loss of natural hair color, hair becoming frizzy and losing natural shine and several others.